lights, camera...Action!

Yours:: Top: Imagine Boutique. Blazer & shorts: c/o Haus 131. Heels: L.A.M.B. Clutch: Madly-yours sold here. Jewelry: Trendz [rings]. Haus131, ALDO, Bauble Bar [bracelets]. Michael Kors [watch]. c/o Haus 131 [necklaces]. 

Katie:: Dress & statement necklace: Haus 131. Clutch: Madly-yours more sold here. 

Remember when I mentioned a Haus 131 project in the works? Well now you get to hear the deets. I recently had the pleasure of working with Katie Rae, one of my favorite boutique owners and fellow blogger of The Wear Haus District on a Haus 131 commercial. I had such a great time working with Katie on the create aspects of the upcoming commercial, it made waking up for a sunrise photo shoot a little less painful... Just a little.

The Haus 131 commercial will be airing locally, for the month of October at Buffalo Wild Wings (Metairie,La location). It's not E! but it's one small step for Haus 131, one giant leap for girlfriends stuck watching football at Buffalo Wild Wings. Go 'head girl, he won't notice if you disappear for a mini shopping spree. That's what halftime is for!

Don't forget to check out Katie Rae's outfit details at The Wear Haus District.


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