Fringe Chic

Skirt: Forever21, found herehere. Top: Forever21. Clutch: Madly-yours Skins Collection [Sold HERE]. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell found here. Jewelry: Michael Kors [watch]. Forever21, Haus131, Aldo, & gifted [bracelets].

Every year people make the obvious “New Years Resolutions” or as I like to call them, “New Years Jinx”. Lets be honest, five weeks from now you won't still be going to the gym 6 days a week, cutting carbs out of your diet, and that pesky swear jar will be empty. Lets face it, you'd rather shop and curse the credit card statements later. 

Kuddos to anyone who proves me wrong but in the mean time I'll still be eating cake for breakfast. 
Like. Its. My. Job. 

I’m excited about my future business ventures and everything that’s in store for Madly-yours in 2013.

What's 2013 have on the agenda for you? 

- yours

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