Valentine's Wish List

Sometimes a man need a little help in the right direction. Pastries of any kind are well appreciated but I would rather something to remember the day by. Something I could wear, preferably something GOLD,

1.  Mynamenecklace.com- Since I only have two initials I would want my GOLD necklace to read my grandpa's initials... C A M ... cause he's the apple of my eye!

2.  Etsy.com- Just a little something GOLD to wear while living in Texas...BOOM!

3. AmritaSingh.com - Because this is where you shop for bangles when you have ethiopian wrists...*cough*cough GUNMETAL, SIZE 6

4. Escada Magnetism ... my fave!

5. Mr. Kate - Bark ear cuff's. I saw these months ago and thought they were so neat. It's a funky way to dress up your ears without having to pierce them...again! I would also love to mix gunmetal and gold on the same ear
...or rose gold.

- yours

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Coy said...

So Very Subtle ;)